Industrial Refrigeration

Industrial Refrigeration

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Site Constructed Systems

Corval’s Industrial Refrigeration experts have specified refrigeration and processing equipment from numerous manufacturers. We’ve designed and installed the compressors, vessels, evaporators, and controls – including CIP and process support systems – for dairy, bakery, poultry, red meat, energy generation and other industrial operations.

The process and preventative maintenance insights from this experience help us to fine tune plants full of machines and piping into reliable, high-volume, around-the-clock production systems.

Packaged Systems

Our IR group has over 35 years of experience in custom packages and has produced over 90 package systems worldwide. With their experienced, skilled craftsmen and full service manufacturing and fabrication shop, Corval delivers quality solutions to help you succeed.

Corval offers both self-contained packages and modular packages. The self-contained packages are fully enclosed, free standing rooms, containing all components of a field built-up engine room including compressors, condensers, vessels, interconnected piping, wiring, starters, ventilation, lighting and convenience outlets. The modular packages are mechanical rooms assembled in an integrated fashion, with multiple components for larger applications or additions (of future compressors/equipment).

Process Piping

Our Industrial Refrigeration experts work closely with our customers to design, specify and install process refrigeration and HVAC systems. High volume, automated systems developed to drive down production costs are designed into each phase of an IR project. Process, utility and electrical layouts are all designed to maintain both versatility and use the optimum amount of space.

Automated routing valves are installed with easy maintenance and versatile, long-term expansion in mind. Automated batching systems can be designed to match virtually any custom-designed process. Our team has designed by-product recovery systems that cut down-the-drain B.O.D. by 80%.

Design, construction, education and ongoing plant upgrade services are four facets of American Industrial Refrigeration that make us the first choice in process and utility systems for many of the world’s leading processors.