Facilities With a Job To Do

Industries use facilities as large-scale tools for processing, manufacturing, or storing products. The better a facility works, the more successful the company using it becomes.

Solving the Needs of Industrial Clients

Corval Group specialists find innovative solutions that optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety from the preconstruction phase forward. Our objective is to deliver excellent long-term value for our clients’ capital investments. Whether a facility requires design, engineering, construction, mechanical systems, or ongoing service and maintenance, Corval Group is the partner that builds confidence and maximizes performance.

Multiple Markets and Industries Served


Handling all or portions of renovation projects for engineered structure solutions geared toward the needs of healthcare, technology, office, and hospitality sectors. We can guide clients from preconstruction feasibility assessment to ongoing maintenance and service.

Food, Beverage, and Agriculture

Experienced in coolant options and systems used in refrigerated facilities for processing or storing agriculture, food processing, dairy, proteins, beverage, and bakery goods.


A respected EPC partner for large-scale manufacturing facilities with experience in asphalt shingles, metals, chemicals, waste diversion, and other process-intensive functions. Our engineers optimize the process design to maximize manufacturing efficiency, while the rest of our team deliver quality, durability, safety, and value.

Power and Energy

Complete engineering, tank fabrication, construction, and other areas of expertise with a proven safety record for facilities that refine and generate renewable energy and central utility plants utilizing hydrogen, steam, and bioethanol.

Oil, Gas, and Chemical

Oil, gas, and chemical variations are among our largest industry sectors, with more than a billion dollars in completed projects. We’re called upon for midstream and downstream projects involving processing, storing, transporting, and refining.

Public and Institutional

Well-positioned to take on new construction and significant mechanical system renovations for K-12, higher education, municipal, country, state, and federal facilities.

We Take Care Of Your Facility

No one knows your facility better than the company that handled its construction. Contract Corval Group for all ongoing service and parts needs.

Safety Comes First

Our safety culture, programs, training, and systems help us live up to the motto, “No One Gets Hurt.”

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