Corval Group Awards 2021 Scholarships

Corval Group, Inc. is proud to announce the 2021 Corval Group Scholarship Award winners, Nora Hitchcock, Ellie Mankowski, and Tori VanRyn!

Nora will be attending the University of Minnesota to receive a BA in Fine Arts with a minor in Biology. She has always been passionate about art and biology throughout her life. Having two opposite fields of study, they fit perfectly for Nora. With her degree in art and science, Nora plans to create images of the human body for medical purposes to be displayed in textbooks and other various options. “Overall, I have chosen this particular and unique field of study because I wish to create a career for myself that gives myself passion and purpose.”

Ellie will be attending Concordia University to study Sports Analytics. Having two passions in life, Ellie wanted to bring them together to create a job opportunity. After watching the movie Moneyball, Ellie related to the movie and knew that she could have her passions become a job that she would love. Ellie would like to use to scout players based on their statistics and not necessarily on experience. “I hope to fulfill my dream of working for a professional baseball team.”

Dreaming of becoming a nurse for a long as she can remember, Tori will fulfill that dream when she attends South Central College to pursue a degree in Nursing. Tori will work as a pediatric nurse to be able to work and care for children. “I love kids and want to make a difference in their life! It will be gratifying to care and help children when they need it the most!”

We wish them all the best of luck in their future endeavors!

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