Corval Safety Performance Support Programs

Corval Safety Performance Support Programs

Corval Group uses safety programs to keep safety the primary value in both the jobsite and corporate environments.

Our philosophy IN SUPPORTING OUTSTANDING EMPLOYEE SAFETY PERFORMANCE: “We will identify people performing safely and recognize them, celebrate and reward outstanding group safety performance, and correct performance that is not in line with our expectations.”

Individual Safety Performance Programs

Positive Reinforcement Program (SPOTs): Situation, Behavior & Outcome (SBO’s) we refer to them as SPOT’s. All employees are encouraged to participate in the SPOT program. When a person is observed for their desired performance, the Observer will write a SPOT. The SPOT writer will describe the situation, the observed person’s behavior and the outcome/s. This process reinforces the desired behavior and perpetuates desired employee performance. Corval Group employees write more than 1,000 SPOT’s per month. Spots can be submitted through the portal or by paper.

Spot Point Merchandise Program: In an effort to recognize those indiviuals who partcipate and meet the Company set Spot goals, will receive one Spot Point for every hour worked. The Spot points will accrue until the employee chooses to cash them in for “Safety Team” merchandise.  

Safety Goal Celebrations: Corval Group has monthly defined goals based on our safety tools and the performance of our people, when those goals are met we announce our success in a monthly safety scorecard and provide a companywide lunch. The goals are not negatively impacted if a person were to suffer an injury, we want to encourage an open reporting program.