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Corval provided a new field erected refrigeration system for room cooling and freeze dryer processes. The installation included the engineering, design, 3D drawings, controls, and Process Safety Management program. A two stage system was installed with the low side (-)30°F for 170 TR expandable to 700 TR and a high side 20°F temperature for 300 TR expandable to 1000 TR. The freeze dryer installation and modification included refrigeration design of the manifold and refrigeration system within the freeze dryers themselves.
A recirculator, intercooler, High Pressure Receiver, and Condenser were installed and all controls and MCC were provided for refrigeration equipment, valves, and instrumentation. VFDs on each suction level were used for energy and low load situations.
Corval continues to be a strategic partner for Wellpet and their ammonia refrigeration system and complete refrigeration maintenance including PSM required inspections. One additional freeze dryer has been installed for a total of seven (7) Freeze Dryers online.


Food, Beverage, and Agriculture

Project Duration

8 Months


South St. Paul, MN

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