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Gerdau Ameristeel is a batch steel producer. They melt scrap steel and iron ore to produce both rebar and custom metal billet stock. Initially providing pipefitter work for Gerdau’s capital improvements Corval has become a “Go To” contractor. Although they have their own maintenance and pipefitter staff to make repairs and capital improvements, Gerdau calls on Corval for work when time and quality are critical. There have been zero safety incidents among Corval’s manpower, even with the high temps and the hazardous nature of the work.

Projects include:
• Emergency Smelt Furnace Repair
• Bundler Mechanical/Piping Installation
• Lime Injection System Installation
• Furnace Replacement
• Bag House Repair
• Annual Outage and Shutdowns
• New Cooling Bed Installation
• New Kocksblocks System Installation



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St. Paul, MN

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