DOLD – Pre-cooked Bacon Capacity Expansion

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Corval was the refrigeration contractor responsible for installation of a complete refrigeration system at Dold Foods’ new 150,000 SF refrigerated warehouse, where pre-cooked bacon is produced for commercial customers.
The scope of work included a complete compressor and engine room, (5) high side compressors, (3) low side compressors, (12) blast evaporators, 58 evaporators, (2) four-fan condensers, as well as Ammonia refrigerant piping for low temperature service (below -20 degrees Fahrenheit), which included stainless steel piping in production areas for R717 refrigerant grade ammonia. The full refrigeration vessel assembly, included high temperature and low temperature receivers, a high pressure receiver and intercooler.
The aggressive schedule – just eight months to design and complete the work – required day and night crews to successfully execute in the field for this large design-build project. Corval also provided complete commissioning and start up support


Food, Beverage, and Agriculture

Project Duration

8 Months


Wichita, KS

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