Dakota Gasification Company

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DGC Flare Knockout Vessel Corval Group continued to build confidence with Dakota Gasification Company and was awarded the Prime Contract for the installation of a NH3 flare knockout vessel performed during a plant shutdown. All pre-shutdown and shutdown activities were successfully completed on time and with out an incident.
The scope of this project also included:
Helical Piers
Concrete Supports
32,000 lb Vessel
30″ Flare Piping
Nitrogen Piping
Steam Line piping
Steam Tracing

DGC Ash dewatering bins As general contractor for this project, Corval Group was contracted to remove and replace the existing roof on two (2) 500,000 gallon ash dewatering bins at the Dakota Gasification plant in Beulah, ND. The scope of work included temporarily removing the existing structure above the bins and reinstalling it after the bin repair was completed.


Oil, Gas, and Chemical


Beulah, ND

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