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Corval Capital

Corval Capital is a financial and business consulting company with a primary focus on the energy industry. We've provided expertise and guidance on a wide variety of energy projects including:

  • Biomass facilities requiring project financing
  • Existing wind farms in need of refinancing
  • Wind farms in various development stages requiring equity and debt
  • Financial restructuring of biodiesel and ethanol plants
  • Corn oil extraction programs requiring project financing

Whatever your capital requirements may be, our team of energy project specialists have the experience, knowledge and key industry relationships you need to achieve your business objectives.

Financial and Business Consulting Services >

Business Development Consulting - Corval Capital can assist with everything from creating an effective business plan to identifying the best strategic partners to crafting a workable investment package.

Funding Advisor - We have valuable working relationships with various lenders, funds, banks, and individuals that enable Corval Capital to source funding for 3rd party developments requiring debt, equity, or predevelopment dollars.

Developer/Co-Developer - Corval Capital has the expertise and resources to act as developer, or in some cases as a co-developer, to create projects in which we retain some equity in the project when it is completed.

Work-out Consulting - Corval Capital has extensive experience working with companies that are in financial distress and require restructuring or reorganization.


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