Corval Group's Vision

Corval Group is developing a pathway that leads to a better working environment for all of our customers and employees. We routinely complete incident-free projects throughout all of our business.

Our #1 core value is Safety. We achieve a safe workforce in order to attract and retain productive employees. Corval Group is also consistantly awarded projects as a result of our safety performance and we keep ourselves safe to provide work for our employees.

All managers and supervisors of Corval Group have the responsibility to vigorously enhance Safety commitment and awareness among all employees. We manage proper usage of all tools and equipment while creating a culture in which everyone shares the responsibility for the well-being of fellow workers and the overall community. All employees of Corval Group have the responsiblity to perform their personal and work activities in such a manner as to identify and address all circumstances that have the potential for incident or injury.

Putting Safety First

Maintaining the highest safety standards protects people, property and your bottom line. That's why the Corval Group created 'Safety First' -- a unique program designed to prevent accidents, protect property and keep projects on schedule from day one.

We call it 'Safety First' because the first thing we do on every new project is conduct a complete safety review. As part of this proactive review, we assure that all of the key elements of a safe, productive project are in place:

  • Safety rules & procedures
  • Welder certification
  • Fire protection
  • Code compliance

Corval Group requires mandatory OSHA 10-Hour Safety Training and drug-testing of all employees. We always put safety first -- and it shows from our excellent safety record to the bottom line results we deliver.



Corval Group Safety Awards

  • 2012 MN Safety Council Outstanding Achievement Award in Occupational Safety 
  • 2012 OSHA Safety Award from the US Deptartment of Labor
  • 2011 Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' Nation Association Safety Excellence
  • 2011 MN Governor's Safety Award
  • 2011 North Dakota Safety Council Exemplary Safety
  • 2011 North Dakota Safety Council Occupational Safety Merit
  • 2011 North Dakota Safety Council President's Letter of Commendation
  • 2011 ECCS Safety Award
  • 2010 TAUC (The Association of Union Contractors) Certificate of Achievement for Safety
  • 2009 MNOSHA MNSTAR VPP worksite at Flint Hills Refinery (Pine Bend, MN)
  • 2009 MT Governor’s Honorable Achievement Award for Occupational Health & Safety
  • 2009 MT Governor’s Safety and Health Award, Honorable Mention
  • 2009 NDSC Occupational Safety Merit Award
  • 2009 NDSC President’s Letter of Commendation
  • 2009 ECCS Safety Excellence
  • 2009 Thomas J. Reynolds Award for Construction Safety and health from TAUC
  • 2009, 2008, 2007 Minnesota Safety Council Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Safety and Health
  • Associated General Contractors of America Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record 2006, 2007, 2008
  • SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association) Certification of Commitment to Occupational Safety and Health in 2007 SMACNA Safety Excellence Award Program
  • 2006 Minnesota Safety Council Meritorious Achievement Award in Recognition of Excellence in Injury Prevention Performance
  • 2006 State of Montana Governor’s Award for Outstanding Occupational Safety and Health
  • MSCA Star Qualified Contractor since 2005
  • MCAA 2005 Safety Statistics Program Certificate of Commendation for achieving safety excellence with a Zero Lost Workday Cases Incidence Rate
  • Member of the ND Safety Council and utilize the ECCS process
  • Exxon Mobil (Billings) NMAPC Zero Incident Safety Award


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